M-Fly successful at SAE Aero Design East competition

Congratulations to M-Fly for a successful competition in Lakeland, FL

students holding u-m flag
M-Fly at SAE Aero Design East in Lakeland, FL.

Congratulations to M-Fly for a successful SAE Aero Design East competition at the Florida Air Museum in Lakeland, FL. From March 9th to 11th, M-Fly team members pitted their Regular and Advanced-class airplanes against planes from universities across the world.

The Regular-class team won second place in design and fifth in oral presentation, placing in eighth overall out of 34 teams. The Advanced-class team won first place in design and third in the oral presentation, placing fifth overall out of 18 teams.

M-Fly Operations Director Emily Kusulas (BSE AE ‘19) expresses pride for the team:

“This team is very young, so the learning experience [at competition] was tremendous. We set records for both Advanced class with payload drop accuracy and for Regular class with the heaviest plane ever flown in the competition! I’m very proud of the team for all the hard work put in this year.”


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