Michigan Aerospace is the oldest and one of the most highly ranked collegiate aeronautics programs in the United States. Our undergraduate and graduate programs are consistently ranked in the top five nationwide. Our preeminent research centers, specializing in both aircraft and spacecraft technology, enable our faculty to continue pushing the boundaries of expertise. Our dynamic undergraduate and graduate curricula span fundamental and contemporary aerospace topics, led by faculty at the forefront of academia. Our 6,000 alumni have been successfully recruited by industry, government labs, and other academic institutions around the world. They are successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, and leading engineers and researchers at places like NASA, SpaceX, Boeing, AIRBUS, and others. We don’t keep pace with aerospace development. We set it.

Our Undergraduate Program Ranks #3 and our Graduate Program Ranks #4 among public institutions in the nation by U.S. News.

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Greetings and welcome to the University of Michigan Department of Aerospace Engineering.


Provide internationally recognized leadership in aerospace engineering education that graduates students with strong fundamentals, while incorporating applied engineering knowledge.


Since its founding over a century ago, our department has built a legacy as interesting as it is lasting.

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Learn more about the François-Xavier Bagnoud (FXB) building—an outstanding facility and home to the department.

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The Dude, part of the ENIAC, a giant solvable Rubik’s cube and a piece of the moon—these are just a few stops along this virtual college tour.

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male student adjusts a plane that he is testing
David Hershey, Aerospace Engineering BSE Student, adjusts a plane that he is testing in the Aerospace Wind Tunnels.