Master of Engineering

Master of Engineering (MEng) in space engineering program is open to engineers and scientists from all backgrounds, with aspirations of entering the aerospace workforce. This MEng program in space engineering combines strong emphasis on both theoretical and applied aspects with extensive hands-on experience at all levels. Designed to provide a broad interdisciplinary education in the scientific, engineering and management aspects of complex space systems, the program enhances disciplinary skills and provides insight and education in the systems engineering and management area.

This professional program was developed jointly by Aerospace Engineering (AERO), Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering (CLaSP), and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) and is managed by CLaSP. The program advisor is Professor Nilton Renno.


All MEng students are admitted through the College of Engineering. Learn more about the MEng admissions process.

MEng (Space Engineering)

Contact: Graduate Student Services Coordinator at Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering: Claire Miller

Application Deadlines: Fall term: February 1 | Winter term: October 15

Application Process: It is coordinated through College of Engineering

MSE (Aerospace Engineering)

Contact: Student Services Manager: Ruthie Freeman

Application Deadlines: Fall term: January 15 | Winter term: October 7

Application Process: It is coordinated through University of Michigan’s Rackham Graduate School


Can I get an MEng and later apply to the PhD program in Aerospace Engineering?

A student with an MEng degree and admitted to the Aerospace Engineering PhD program may not count coursework taken for the MEng towards the required coursework for the Aerospace Engineering PhD. The student must take 18 hours of graduate level coursework in Rackham before advancing to candidacy.

Can I apply to both MEng (Space Eng) and MSE (Aerospace Engineering) programs?

You may apply to both programs, but they have different admissions processes and deadlines.

What is the difference between these two degrees?

You can take many of the same courses and get really similar jobs with either degree – the major difference is the admissions requirements and process.