student adjusts a plane that he is testing in the Aerospace Wind Tunnels


we push the boundaries of aerospace engineering

The Department of Aerospace Engineering has world-renowned research centers, a rich and dynamic undergraduate and graduate curricula spanning fundamental and contemporary aerospace topics, and an esteemed faculty at the forefront of the field.

Research at Michigan impacts every area of flight, focusing on aerodynamics and propulsion; autonomous systems and control; structures and materials; space systems, and computation. Our approach to research is often multidisciplinary, and research groups work with colleagues from across Michigan Engineering, such as Robotics, CLaSP and EECS.

student holding Octodrone

The Michigan Robotics project is led by Ella Atkins, professor of aerospace engineering and director of the Autonomous Aerospace Systems (A2Sys) Lab

Research Areas

Aerospace engineering at U-M tackles the fundamental areas that drive advances in aircraft and spacecraft.

Shared Facilities

Students and faculty use research environments to meet any project need for design, development and implementation.

Multidisciplinary Centers

Engaging the range of expertise at Michigan Engineering allows researchers to better answer complex problems.

Research Opportunities for Students

There are multiple ways to get involved in research, and students can pursue whatever combination fits them best. 



We provide a vibrant environment of intellectual challenge and excitement that is at the same time collegial and conducive to higher learning.

X-HALE aircraft