Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Studies (SUGS) Program

The Rackham Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Studies (SUGS) program was developed to promote greater enrollment of qualified College of Engineering students in the Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) program by making it possible for students to pursue a five-year sequential BSE/MSE (four years of undergraduate and one year of graduate coursework).

The Aerospace Engineering (AERO) SUGS program

Double-counting & transfer of credits

In the Aerospace Engineering SUGS program, a student may bring up to nine double-counted credits and up to six transferred credits into Rackham. All double-counted and transfer courses must have grades of “B” or better and fit into AERO master’s degree requirements.


After completing the BSE in Aerospace Engineering program, SUGS students must enroll in Rackham for a minimum of two full terms (at least nine credits per term), paying full Rackham tuition.


To be eligible for the AERO SUGS program, a student must satisfy the following minimum requirements:

  1. Be a declared Aerospace Engineering undergraduate student at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor.
  2. Have a cumulative final GPA ≥ 3.5.  [Winter term applicants:  cumulative GPA ≥ 3.5 entering their final term (Fall term) .
  3. Not earning dual bachelors degrees. Specifically, students earning dual majors in aerospace engineering and any other major at the university – including engineering, STEM-related or any other degree field, are not eligible. Students earning dual majors may apply to AERO’s Master of Science in Engineering program.

SUGS Application Process

Application to the Aerospace Engineering SUGS program requires two parts.

1. Departmental SUGS application

  1. During your junior or senior year, meet with your AERO undergraduate advisor to plan undergraduate and graduate course selections.
  2. By the start of your senior year, meet with the Graduate Student Services Coordinator, Ruthie Freeman, to develop a plan of study and complete the Departmental SUGS application.
  3. Second-semester senior year (immediately after the third week of classes) have the Departmental SUGS application signed by the Undergraduate Program Advisor, Prof. Kenneth G. Powell, and then submit to Ms. Ruthie Freeman.

NOTE: SUGS students starting in the winter term should carefully coordinate their undergraduate and graduate course selections to optimize their program, as most graduate courses are only offered in the fall or winter semester, but not both.

2. Rackham Graduate School online application

Complete the Rackham Graduate School online application by the deadline.

  1. In the application, select graduate program “Aerospace Engineering M.S.E. (SUGS)”.
  2. U-M transcripts do not need to be submitted.
  3. The GRE requirement is waived. But, students are encouraged to take the GRE, if they are considering continuing to the Ph.D. program.
  4. Two letters of recommendation are required from faculty familiar with you, preferably those who supervised your coursework and/or research.
  5. A personal statement and academic statement of purpose (describing your graduate study objectives) are required.
  6. The SUGS application deadline is at the beginning of the second-semester senior year.
    • Fall term application deadline:  January 15, for seniors graduating in April.
    • Winter term application deadline:  October 1, for seniors graduating in December.


The Academic Services Office is always here to help! Send any questions about the program or admissions.