Michigan Aerospace Wins 2020 AIAA SciTech Awards

Congratulations to the University of Michigan recipients of 2020 AIAA SciTech Forum Awards! Several students along with Professor Tony Waas were honored at this year’s SciTech Forum for their exceptional work and research in Aerospace.

Congratulations to our AIAA SciTech Award Winners! The 2020 SciTech Forum took place in January in Orlando, Florida, where the finest leaders and innovators across the country are honored for their fine work in the field of aerospace. We are extremely proud to announce that Department Chair, Anthony Waas, and his students took home 4 awards this year.

The ASME/Boeing Structures and Materials Award was received by grad students Minh Hoang Nguyen, Avinkrishnan Ambika Vijayachandran, and Paul Davidson of the UM Waas Group, along with research scientists Damon Call and Dongyeon Lee of Toray Composites American, and Anthony Waas of the UM Waas Group for their paper, “Effect of Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) Manufacturing Signature on Mechanical Performance.”

The 2020 AIAA ICME Prize was awarded to Anthony Waas, Marianna Maiaru of the University of Massachusetts, and Royan J. D’mello, research scientist of the UM Waas Group. This award is presented to the team for the best aerospace-focused Integrated Computational Materials Engineering project.

The 2020 Collier Research Hypersizer/AIAA Structures Best Paper Award was given for the paper “Experimental and Numerical Study on the Low Velocity Impact Damage of a Shear Dominated Composite Laminate” by grad student Shiyao Lin of the UM Waas Group and Anthony Waas.

The recipients of the ASME/Boeing Structures and Materials Award.
Tony Waas, Marianna Maiaru, and Royan J. D’mello receive the 2020 AIAA ICME Prize.
Shiyao Lin and Tony Waas receive the 2020 Collier Research Hypersizer/AIAA Structures Best Paper Award.
Shiyao Lin receives the Harry H. and Lois G. Hilton Student Paper Award in Structures.

Additionally, Shiyao Lin and Anthony Waas took home another award, the Harry H. and Lois G. Hilton Student Paper Award in Structures for their paper “Experimental and High-fidelity Computational Investigations on the Low Velocity Impact Damage of Laminated Composite Materials.”

Once again, congratulations to all of our 2020 AIAA SciTech Award Recipients, excellent work!


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