First AE201 Intro to Eng class taught at Davis Aerospace High School

An AE201 Intro to Engineering class was taught at Davis Aerospace High School by Avin Vijay, a graduate student of Dr. Tony Waas.

Avin Vijay gives an AE201 lecture to a class at Davis Aerospace High School.

As part of an ongoing outreach effort and collaboration between Michigan Aerospace Engineering and Davis Aerospace High School, a modified version of Introduction to Engineering (AE 201) is being taught to a gifted cohort of tenth to twelfth grade Davis Aerospace students. Avin Vijay, a graduate student of Aerospace Engineering Department chair, Dr. Tony Waas, is leading the way among a group of 14 volunteer aerospace graduate students. This is the first engineering course to be taught at the technical high school whose students primarily go on to pursue careers in plane mechanics. 

In addition to AE201, every Friday Davis students attend a campus lecture given by a prominent figure within the Aerospace industry during the AE 285 Undergraduate Seminar. The seminar is organized and taught by Professor George Halow

Avin Vijay gives his closing remarks at his first AE201 lecture at Davis Aerospace High.

The Department of  Aerospace Engineering is honored to continue its ongoing relationship with both the administration and Davis’ bright young engineers of tomorrow. 

Thank you Davis Aerospace High School for having us, and we look forward to the next class!


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