Halow selected for Aero Outstanding Performance Award

George Halow was selected to receive the 2021 Annual Aero Department Outstanding Performance Award.

Each year a faculty or staff member from the Aerospace department is recognized for their exceptional performance and dedication to the mission of the department. For 2021, Professor George Halow is being lauded for his contributions to the undergraduate program and for spearheading an upcoming online Masters in Aerospace Leadership program.

“George’s innovative and forward thinking approach to undergraduate education has moved the Aerospace department forward in ways that meet our students’ needs. He’s brought new masters level ideas to the department and took the lead in developing them. The energy and passion he demonstrates sets the tone for the department and makes him superlatively deserving of the 2021 Aero Outstanding Performance Award,” comments Anthony M. Waas, Richard A Auhll Department Chair and Felix Pawlowski Collegiate Professor, Aerospace Engineering.

Aero students are central to Halow’s ideas and programs, and they recognize the impact he’s having. Junior Andre Jones has been in Halow’s course this year and states, “Professor Halow embraces his students like family. The level of mentorship that he’s provided myself and countless students, each with the internships to prove it, is beyond comparison. The opportunities for growth in the MBSE course and the future X88 initiatives have fostered a deep dive into crucial leadership, management, and engineering skills that you won’t see in any other course. I am proud to be among the first to experience such a fruitful program and I will forever call Professor Halow a mentor.” 

Halow shares, “I am truly humbled by this award.  I came here after a long career in industry, precisely because I wanted to share my knowledge and experience to help shape young minds and mentor and coach future leaders. It is such an honor to be entrusted with the education and development of such amazing and wonderful students, which is already more than rewarding enough. To be acknowledged by an award like this is truly icing on the cake.”

Halow has been with the Aerospace department as a Professor of Practice since 2019, after a 30 year career with Ford Motor Company. He has an undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Maryland, a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University and an MBA in Operations and International Business from INSEAD in France.