Michigan Aerospace highlighted in Aerospace America’s 2022 Year in Review

Four areas of research from U-M are featured in this review of the year’s aerospace advancements

Aerospace America’s annual Year in Review publication showcases a cross spectrum of technological breakthroughs and research advances in the aerospace industry. This year, the University of Michigan’s Aerospace department had four areas of research featured.

Multidisciplinary Design Optimization

In July, Airbus and the University of Michigan concluded a five-year research effort that created novel methods for optimizing very flexible, high-aspect-ratio wings. The research included approaches for handling models of variable complexity while considering nonlinear dynamic aeroelasticity.

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Morphable Structures

Research done by Henry Sodano, Dan Inman and their students contributed to the adaptability of structures to morph in the pursuit of quieter and more sustainable aircraft. 

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Tether-based Space Systems

U-M researchers helped verify the effect of simulation codes for investigating electrodynamic-tether dynamics and performance in tether-based technologies for space systems.

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Electrified Aircraft Systems

U-M professor Gokcin Cinar, publication chair of AIAA’s ​​Electrified Aircraft Technology Technical Committee, co-wrote the Year in Review summary highlighting advancements in the integration of electrified aircraft systems.

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