Michigan Aerospace Takes the Stage at the 2024 AIAA SciTech Conference

Student and faculty involvement in the recent AIAA SciTech Conference

Earlier this month, the annual AIAA SciTech Conference witnessed a robust Michigan Aerospace presence, with over 30 faculty members and students from the U-M Aerospace Department actively participating. The week-long event unfolded as a global gathering to explore breakthrough science, revolutionary technologies, and next-generation capabilities that are reshaping the aerospace industry.

Three prestigious awards were bestowed upon Michigan Aerospace Department members, showcasing their excellence in various aspects of aerospace engineering. These awards included: 

These recognitions solidify the department’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and the hard work our faculty pursue along with the help of their students. 

Additionally, the conference hosted a multitude of lectures, presentations, and special programs, featuring a diverse lineup of industry experts, researchers, and industry leaders. Michigan Aerospace members actively contributed by hosting lectures, workshops, and more. The excitement extended beyond faculty and graduate students, with numerous students from a variety of our student organizations attending as well. This collective engagement exemplifies the commitment of the next generation of aerospace engineers to stay at the forefront of advancements in the industry.

Within this event, we welcomed a large group of Michigan Aerospace alumni that gathered together to not only watch their fellow wolverines during their lectures and presentations, but also to connect and collaborate with other great minds within the industry. Each year the SciTech conference offers an outstanding opportunity to learn what other industry and government leaders as well as universities are doing to expand the boundaries of science and engineering.