University of Michigan Aerospace Professor, COE Alumnus, and Their Team Receive $4.25M to Advance Additive Manufacturing

Professor Veera Sundararaghavan collaborates on two grants supported by Air Force Office of Scientific Research and the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute

By Veera Sundararaghavan

Ann Arbor, MI — Prof. Veera Sundararaghavan and Dr. Mohsen Taheri Andani, a distinguished alumnus from the University of Michigan College of Engineering, have been awarded two significant grants totaling $4.25 million for their groundbreaking work in metal additive manufacturing.

Prof. Sundararaghavan, a professor of aerospace engineering, and Dr. Taheri Andani, a 2022 PhD graduate in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan and now an assistant professor at Texas A&M University, are at the forefront of advancements in 3D printing technologies.

The first grant-supported project establishes a center dedicated to applying machine learning in materials science, supported by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research. “Machine learning is critical for developing novel materials with enhanced properties, which, in turn, drives advancements in various fields, including energy storage, manufacturing, and healthcare,” said Prof. Sundararaghavan and Dr. Taheri Andani. 

This project will receive $2.25 M over three years to establish the Center for Scientific Machine Learning for Material Sciences, spearheaded by Texas Southern University and will be working closely with the University of Michigan and Prairie View A&M University. Prof. Sundararaghavan and Dr. Taheri Andani emphasized that exploring innovative avenues through the center will help researchers overcome existing limitations, paving the way for groundbreaking developments in material science that could potentially revolutionize future technologies and solutions.

The second project — supported by America Makes, the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute — focuses on “Reducing Operation Qualification Time and Cost in Additive Manufacturing” with a funding of $2 million. This initiative seeks to revolutionize the Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry by significantly reducing operational qualification time and cost. The project also includes Prof. John Shaw, professor of aerospace engineering at U-M, as a co-principal investigator. The team aims to validate operational qualification through detailed tasks and documentation, which is vital for confirming that the AM process consistently meets material specification requirements.

Prof. Sundararaghavan shared his enthusiasm about the projects, stating, “These initiatives will significantly enhance the current state of the art in metal additive manufacturing, bridging academic research and industrial application.” He highlighted the transformative potential these collaborations hold for advancing manufacturing technologies.

Reflecting on the collaboration, Dr. Taheri Andani remarked, “It is an honor to work with the University of Michigan team as an alumnus. These projects not only advance our field but also reinforce the strong ties and ongoing collaboration between academia and industry.”

These efforts by Prof. Sundararaghavan and Dr. Taheri Andani are setting new benchmarks in the field of additive manufacturing, promising significant advancements in both the academic and industrial realms.