Women In Aerospace

University of Michigan aerospace engineering alumni have made significant contributions to the advancement of aeronautics and astronautics over our 100 plus year history. 

We have been to the moon and built the equipment to get us there. We have developed technologies that make flying safer, more efficient, and more accessible. We have taught the next generations to think beyond what was possible and achieve it.

In the last few decades, an increasing number of female alumni have been a critical part of the innovation in our field. Their contributions to the aerospace industry and continued dedication to the University of Michigan serve as a model of inspiration for our students today.

Aisha Bowe

BSE ‘08, MSE ‘09

Founder and CEO of STEMBoard, a tech company that specializes in utilizing big data to create smart systems and software solutions for clients across the public and private sectors.

How you think to yourself in your head is so important. Regardless of what people around me saw or thought was possible for me, I knew what I was capable of and had the audacity to believe in myself.”

BSE ‘91

Never underestimate the value of the skills you learn. As engineering students you’ll learn the technical well, but it’s the other things you could learn or skills you have that might be surprisingly useful in your career.”

Tess Hatch

BSE ‘15

Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners and Board Member of Rocket Lab, Spire Global and DroneDeploy

Imagine a future where we travel to space with the same frequency in which we currently travel in an aircraft. Space is open for business!”

BSE ’88, MSE ’89

What you learn, share. The more knowledge and experiences you have, the more you have to offer others. Aerospace is inherently risky, so have a curiosity, learn, share, collaborate, and actively seek out different views. Our power is in collaboration, community, and connecting with others.”

Jasmine Sadler

BSE ‘15

Aerospace Engineer and Founder of the STEAM Collaborative, which focuses on managing programs and developing educational leaders on STEM from an artistic perspective.

Throughout my engineering studies and career I had to imagine what a successful engineer looked like, now I am that successful engineer others can see.”

BSE ‘15

You’re never an imposter, you’re the improvement. Use your difference to make a difference. Aerospace needs your brilliance!”

Sara Spangelo

PHD ‘13

Sr. Director of Satellite Engineering at SpaceX
Co-founder and CEO of Swarm Technologies

Studying aerospace engineering helps you to understand the connections between mechanical, electrical, materials, control, and software engineering with the real world – air, space, nature, and even humans.  I believe learning to understand these interactions empower us to see the complex multidisciplinary interactions between technical, regulatory, business, human, and ethical aspects of an aerospace career.  I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to study aerospace engineering, which provided me with the tools and skills to start & sell a space company that provides global affordable connectivity to sensors and devices around the globe!”