Michael G. Hess

Advisory Board Member


Additional Title(s)

Deputy Associate Administrator for Mission Support at NASA

Michael Hess is the operations Integration Manager, Commercial Crew Program (CCP) responsible for leading and managing the real-time and near real-time mission support during all phases of flight for NASA commercial partners (SpaceX, Boeing, Sierra Nevada, Blue Origin). He also serves as the Chair of the NASA Mission Management Team and integrates program-level operations requirements and implementation strategies for accomplishing the objectives of safely flying astronauts on a new spacecraft. He possesses highly technical skills in various NASA systems and flight control disciplines and is skilled in identifying opportunities and determining strategic solutions across different levels of the Agency. 

Michael has a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan, a Masters of Business Administration Certificate from Tulane University, and a Masters in Business Administration from the US Naval Postgraduate School. 

Michael has varied interests and hobbies: running, weight training, flying, SCUBA diving, rock-climbing, camping, backpacking, and supporting his sons as a volunteer in the Boy Scouts of America.