Terry Larrow

Instrument Maker


421-1022 François-Xavier Bagnoud Aerospace Building
1320 Beal Avenue Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2140


Start date at U-M: October 1988

Hometown: Lifetime resident of Dexter, MI

Favorite place or activity in Ann Arbor: My job at the University of Michigan. I like to spend my time in Dexter.

Advice for new students: Be proactive and stay on top of your studies. Don’t procrastinate!

Favorite quote: “Your inability to plan does not dictate my ability to react.” — Terry Larrow

Favorite free time activities or hobbies: Working on projects in my home shop and spending time with my wife.


  • Plans, lay-out and build experimental subassemblies and prototype instruments and accessories for research projects and instructional labs.
  • Reviews engineering specifications, drawings and sketches and creates special tools or fittings to build instruments.
  • Applies advanced skill in repair or modification to existing instrumentation and equipment.
  • Consults regularly with student teams concerning the design and fabrication of large team projects.
  • Maintains and organize large professional machine and composite shop, including upkeep of mandated OSHA regulations.
  • Coordinates facility maintenance and repairs for wind tunnel and machine shop buildings.
  • Emergency Response team member trained in CPR, First aid and AED.